Face Off




Face Off Make Up Cleaning Mat,

Brush cleaning made quick and easy.

Convenient and Effective way to clean accumulated Make up, Oils, Dirt and Bacteria off your make up brushes. The mat has suction cups to hold securely in your sink while cleaning. Multi textured surface suitable for cleaning all types of make up brushes. The mat is divided into 3 sections

How to Use: Wash, Rinse and then Refine

  • Select Brush
  • Wet your brush and add make up remover , Start at the Wash area To cleanse your brushes. Clean by Sweeping and scrubbing back and forth.
  • Rinse area, To rinse off and remove excess product.
  • Detail area, To refine and shape your brushes and leave to dry

Leaving your brushes clean and ready to give you a flawless finish, The mat is easy to clean and fold, perfect for make up artist on the go or if you are travelling.


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